07 June 2013

Goodbye Shadow B'betsy

Shadow B'betsy has died today, at 5:55 PM, Katinal time, surrounded by her friends and family. We  will miss her. 

04 March 2013

On Hold

Starting now, Cenian Sector is indefinitely on hold due to time constraints. I am still working on Ceni, just not posting! When I am able to post more often, I will. 

21 February 2013

New Poll Released

The Cenian News Service has released a new poll. The location is here: http://www.VoteFair.org/cgi-bin/votefairgenballot.cgi/votingid=06720-51329-12992. Just enter the same voting ID every time. 

20 February 2013

Poll Retracted by Cenian News Service

The Cenian News Service has retracted the poll they issued yesterday, citing the reason that voters in the poll did not represent accurately Ceni's electorate and that voters could vote more than once. 

19 February 2013

Presidential Poll

An online presidential and prime minister poll has been established.

Presidential Voting
Prime Minister Voting

Special Seats in the Cenian Assembly

According to the constitution, a minority seat is defined as:

A seat for a particular minority in a region where the said minority could not achieve representation through other means.  

The current minority seats are as follows.
  1. The Tergosome community
  2. The Onk community
  3. The Squeetard community
  4. The Palaian community of Cenaci
  5. The Metafiensis community of Cenaci
  6. The Aillicanians of Krtr
  7. The Aspidans of Cenaci
  8. The Taranans of Cunha
  9. The Taranans of Tar Ania
  10. The Taranans of Navi
  11. The Taranans of Narinomats
  12. The Taranans of Charmander
  13. The Sutchalect of Ber
  14. The Sutchalect of Skywalker
  15. The Ber of Skywalker
  16. The Taranans of Zangalewa
  17. The Mitellen of Sparkia
  18. The Palaian of Sparkia
  19. The Orangian of Sparkia
  20. The Katralan of Fentlaraar
  21. The Popster of Nanania
  22. The Popster of Fentlaraar
  23. The Aillilcanians of the Upper Throneworlds
  24. The Tik of the Lower Throneworlds
  25. The Tik of Cenaci
  26. The Tik of Luk VIII
  27. The Aslanians of En'bak
  28. The Sanii of Serenat
  29. The Sanii of Michosplak
  30. The Asians of Ordnrd V
  31. The Asians of Tatek
  32. The Venians of Ordnrd V
  33. The Ukians of Begl
  34. The Asomans of Sentiner
  35. The Glaserenans of Ille
  36. The Athabascans of Ille
  37. The Chirth of Sauretik
  38. The Taglians of Ordnrd V
  39. The Masterrans of Paras-Kevee
  40. The Mitellen of Ordnrd V
  41. The Coushattans of Scorpia
  42. The Krysteelians of Scorpia
  43. The Rylbun of Aerio
  44. The Mitellens of Fentlaraar
  45. The Aspidan of Fentlaraar
  46. The Mitellens of Cenaci
  47. The Rytekians of Charmander
  48. The Sundanese of Fentlaraar
  49. The Sundanese of Cenaci
  50. The Aslanians of Cenaci

04 February 2013

Week of 2/3/13 in Review

President Election

Kyn Tucin visited Acta Diurna today as part of his big Elephanthia tour, trying to garner support from the increasingly liberal sectors. He spoke in several parts of Acta Diurna about investing in infrastructure and trying to deter pirates. His speeches were met with wide reception on the trade planet.

Desnol Binnill was trying to capture votes in Cenaci while its favorite son, Kyn Tucin, was away. He talked about his positions on minimum wage, affordable housing, and cleaning out the slums. Many lower-level residents have agreed with him that we need to do more about the slums on Cenaci.

Tatek Representative Cara Crantat, who is poised to lose her seat as the new Constitution rolls around, is talking in the border sector of Teseress. She is calling for talks with the new Democratic State of Waterloo on how the new territory will be split up.

Meanwhile, also on Teseress, fringe candidate Nikita Collensburg is playing on nationalist sentiment, calling for an invasion to reclaim the planets that were "rightfully Ceni's", he said in a speech. These policies weren't met with deaf ears on Teseress, where there is large nationalist sentiment.

Prime Minister Election

Shadow B'betsy again spoke about starport development, this time on swing planet As Lan, where liberal voters have a wealth of candidates to choose from. She also talked about how poverty needs to be eradicated and the slums should go.

Kartot Tarat decided to practice non sequitur on Kitigarg. Instead of talking about infrastructure development or poverty, he was talking about the future of abortion rights. But at least this was the right place to talk about it, because Xitogargs don't exactly have the most tolerant attitude towards abortion.

Sern Aelar of Kitigarg talked about expanding Cenian companies to other nations in his series of talks about expanding the economy. The talks were well received and will continue, analysts predict. His latest talk was on national holovision on Cenaci, after he gave another one in the auditorium at the University of Cenaci. 

30 January 2013

Squallyball or Muraball

Rules of Squallyball

  1. The objective of the game is to hit the ball on the opponent’s wall, while keeping the ball hitting your wall.
  2. Each time the ball is hit on the wall, the person who it it on the opposite side of the wall receives one point
  3. The first person to 10 points, winning by two, wins.
  4. If both scores are within two points of each other when each has ten points, the players will continue playing until one person reaches a point two points more than his opponent.
  5. Any door areas and inaccessible areas do not count in scoring.
  6. Balls more than one inch above the hand of the player do not count as a points; however, if the person jumps to a high ball and it is one inch or less from the top of the hand, it is in.
  7. Low balls where the opponent has no chance of repelling it do not count.
  8. If the ball is low or high against the wall on a serve, it is a false serve.
  9. Three false serves per rotation and the opponent gets one point and the serve changes.
  10. Points are not valid if the player crosses the centerline. If the player crosses the centerline, the serve switches to the opponent.
  11.  No serves closer than 2 feet from the centerline.  
  12. One serve rotation is serving until three false serves or a point is scored.
  13. If a point is scored by the opposing player, the player keeps the ball. If a point is scored by the serving player, the ball switches.   
  14. No catching is allowed.
Squallyball can be played with either one or two people on a team. 

12 January 2013

An Overview of 2012

Sorry for the lackluster posting last year, as I had something you could call time constraints. Anyway, here goes. Last January, a major embezzlement case was discovered on Tycufux, the Waterloo sectors joined Ceni and the Senate welcomed expatriates from Arunnia and Waterloo. In February Shadow B'betsy was diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis. March was the most exciting month of the year as Waterloo's revolution started. A referendum to change to an electoral college failed and a referendum to change to a semi-presidential system succeeded in April. May, June, and July were months of fierce campagining for the nominations in this year's election contest. In June a conflict that would be the Flannium War started. Also in July, Muz Mahala joined Ceni and Waterloo's revolution continued. In August the latest census was completed and Ceni demanded things of the new Republic of Waterloo. Also in August, Cenian Sector turned two. The major planet of Wadi Themaneyah fell to Ceni in September. Kyn Tucin turned 44 in October. In November Shadow B'betsy won the CSLP convention and Cara Crantat and Kartot Tarat were the CCU's nominees for President and Prime Minister, respectively. In December the campaigning touched off. That was 2012 in review in Ceni. 

01 January 2013

30 December 2012

Week in Review Week of 12/29

The candidates did not campaign this week in celebration of Christmas with their families and friends. 

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I wish all of our brothers and sisters a Merry Christmas. Make yours jolly and bright! 

24 December 2012

Cenian Christmas Poems

The Season of Joy and Happiness

Crinkling and ripping,
Tissue paper flying,
Red bows and Christmas paper
Bags full of goodies
Presents fly into the air.
Astonished gasps and thank-yous
Your welcomes, and hugs too
Presents again fly at Christmas
The season of joy and happiness

-Salo Guiri

Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Your lights bright and shining
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
How many presents under you
You are so green and sparkling

-Tanner Phillips

The Christmas Cat

Miss Nesse, Miss Nesse
Looking out the window
Sunning in the breeze
Cooling herself

She is cute
The epitome
Of the perfect cat
Who likes to sit in your lap

Gone, now
To visit her roundhouse
Where she’ll be snuggly and warm
In the company of people

-Italia Nessia

Week of 12/22 Campaign Spending and Donations

Campaign Spending
The Kyn Tucin campaign has spent $9 billion on ads in As Lan and $16 billion Cenaci touting Tucin's experience
The Dernoll Binnill campaign has spent $10 billion on ads in Cenaci and $8 billion on Illirea making people recognize the DSP and its public transportation plank
Cara Crantat's campaign spent $23 billion on ads in Aurea Simia Nebula, As Lan, and Afrogug
Insit Inskra spent $12 billion in Criter, Kitigarg, and Ber
The Nikita Collensburg campaign spent $500 million in Cenac, Kroyale, Etaronk, and Gastro
Other candidates spent $17 billion in various markets

Shadow B'betsy spent $25 billion in Elephanthia, Acta Diurna, and Scypha and $9 billion in Katinal and Pandolo
Kartot Tarat spent $22 billion in As Lan, Afrogug, Kitigarg, Sharsha Morana, Aurea Simia Nebula, and Cenac
Kaieralin Gejardenza spent $18 billion in Elephanthia, Illirea, Cenaci, and Doru Areaba
Other candidates spent $3 billion in various markets

The Centralist Campaign Committee spent $28.5 billion in Criter, Kitigarg, and Ber
The Democratic Socialist Party spent $40 billion on Cenaci, Illirea, Elephanthia, Acta Diurna, and Scypha
The Cenian Social Liberal Party spent $57.5 billion on Cenaci, Illirea, and As Lan
Other parties spent $34.5 billion in various markets

Keep Ceni Moving PAC spent $27.5 billion on Cenaci, Illirea, Elephanthia, and Acta Diurna
Socialism Now! PAC spent $24.5 billion on Cenaci, Illirea, Elephanthia, Acta Diurna, and As Lan
Other PACs spent $17.5 billion in various markets

Total spending: $644.5 billion

Notable Donations
Kurt Renick donated $4 billion to Kartot Tarat's campaign and $2.5 billion to Cara Crantat's campaign.
CTR donated $32.9 billion to it's CTR PAC in support of the Cenian Conservative Party
Shipyards Union donated $11.1 billion to the Shipyards PAC in support of the Democratic Socialist Party and the Cenian Social Liberal Party
Individual donors donated $12.3 billion to the Cenian Conservative Union and its candidates, $45.2 billion to the Cenian Social Liberal Party and its candidates, $39.8 billion to the Democratic Socialist Party and its candidates, $29.1 billion to the Cenian Moderate Party, and $14.4 billion to other parties and candidates
Corporations donated $145 billion to the Cenian Conservative Union, $14 billion to the Cenian Nationalist Party, and $11.1 billion to other candidates
Wealthy donors gave $114 billion to the Cenian Conservative Union, $32.1 billion to the Cenian Social Liberal Party, $8.1 billion to the Democratic Socialist Party, and $23 billion to other candidates

Total donations: $524.6 billion

23 December 2012

Week of 12/22 Presidential and Prime Ministerial Races

Presidential Activity
Kyn Tucin campaigned in his home sector, Cenaci, on 12/17,  rallying support for his increasingly challenged Cenian Social Liberal Party. He touted his years of service in Cenian government and his part in a fair constitution. He also touted his very liberal position about minimum wage. His party supports raising the minimum wage to $20 an hour.

Desnol Binill also campaigned in the Cenaci sector on the 17th, especially on his home planet, Illirea, and Doru Areaba. He introduced a new plank in his platform, calling for increased public transportation and increased government spending on transportation. The Democratic Socialist Party has lots to gain in this heavy liberal sector.

On the next day, Desnol Binill campaigned on Cenaci, telling about his plans for better working conditions, more affordable housing, and higher minimum wages. His party also touts a $20 minimum wage.

Tatek Representative Cara Crantat campaigned in Afrogug on traditional family values, promising the repeal of the Gay Rights Act that had been passed centuries ago. She promised support "for the home and the hearth" if elected president.

Her Vice Presidential nominee, Davet Laraud, campaigned in Pikadora and surrounding planets, saying that he kept conservative values alive in his tenure as a talk show host and promised support for agrarian farmers in that area.

Insit Inskra of Ber has been campaigning in his home sector of Ber, touting moderate values and touching the hearts and spirits of the Bers there. He asked for a term as President to make the economy grow and promised higher minimum wages, although not as high as the CSLP and DSP suggest. He promised to put less government regulation on services, manufacturing, and retail.

Nikita Collensburn of the widely disparaged Cenian Nationalist Party demonized Kyn Tucin in leaning Waterloo sectors. He promised to declare war on Waterloo and snap up territory. He also promised to put a nationalist agenda.

A footnote this year, Pablo Diez campaigned in Mesa Verde to remember the values of Mesa Verdeans this election cycle. But his base in Mesa Verde is not likely to go farther then Mesa Verdean expatriates.

Prime Ministerial Activity
Shadow B'betsy campaigned at the Katinal International Starport on her home of Katinal. She promised to speed up starport development if elected and clean up hyperspace lanes. She also campaigned to spend more on research and development.

Her Deputy Prime Minister candidate, Lando Calpandian, was touting his government service in heavily contested As Lan, trying to win over undecided voters. He also raised the issue of poverty, which affects As Lan. He promised to help people get out of poverty and to make housing more affordable.

An increasingly desperate Kartot Tarat of the Cenian Conservative Party campaigned in small Aurea Simia Nebula, rallying conservative support in the sparsely populated area east of liberal bastion Aurea Simia. He touted his years of government service and perseverance in vying for the nation's top job.

Sern Aelar of Kitigarg campaigned on his party's platform in Criter this week. He also touted his moderate values and his deregulation stance, and increased funding for the arts.

What Will Happen Next
Desnol Binnill is making a trip to Elephanthia after Christmas to tout his public transportation plans and increased funding for the arts.
Kyn Tucin is planning on visiting Acta Diurna. 

The Week in Review Introduction

This is the first post in my series of reviews about the upcoming presidential, prime ministerial, and congressional elections. These posts will detail WHERE and WHEN the candidates visit, WHAT they said there, WHY they went there, and much more. So here goes!

First you should know the swing sectors. In these sectors, the Senator changed seats, reflecting a new party tide. However, since Ceni has a nationwide range voting system, these sectors are not as important as they are in an Electoral College system like the United States. Candidates are more motivated to go to more populous sectors where they can pick up votes.

The swing sectors are:

  • Afrogug
  • As Lan
  • Aurea Simia Nebula
  • Cenac
  • Criter
  • Etaronk
  • Gastro
  • Grusgy
  • Kroyale
  • Madia
  • Madia's Cauldron
  • Marias Pass
  • Masterro
  • Mon
  • Navi
  • New Nabnatah
  • Pikadora
  • Pisee I
  • Praristna
  • Pyrhhia
  • Rap
  • Sam'ina'min
  • Serenat
  • Sharsha Morana
  • Shigon
  • Skulblaka
  • Skywalker
  • Ursycon
  • Utorcaea
  • Yapatu
  • Zmit V
  • Duolon
  • Chirdayo
  • Rabaul
However, most of these sectors are small. The parties are not interested in going to these sectors for the big ticket races. Instead, in trying to get control of the Cenian Assembly, they will visit these sectors with their Bewlegi to try and win the Senate races there. 

Our Week in Review posts will be stratified into several different posts. One will cover the Presidential and Prime Ministerial elections. Another will cover Senatorial elections and District competitions. The last will be about campaign spending and donations. See you in this week's Week in Review posts! 

22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of our brothers and sisters, have something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving! 

16 November 2012

Candidates for Presidential and Prime Minister Elections

The nominating conventions have come and gone!

Here are the candidates for President and Prime Minister:

Cenian Social Liberal Party
  • Kyn Tucin of Cenaci, President 
  • Luke Dickson of Cenaci, Vice President
  • Shadow B'betsy of Katinal, Prime Minister
  • Klejos Royfer of As Lan, Deputy Prime Minister
Democratic Socialist Party
  • Desnol Binnill of Illirea, President
  • Herrufon Deldirck of Carsifi, Vice President
  • Kaieralin Gejardenza of As Lan, Prime Minister
  • Ferren Onper of En'bak, Deputy Prime Minister
Cenian Conservative Union
  • Cara Crantat of Tatek, President
  • Davet Laraud of Cenaci, Vice President
  • Kartot Tarat of Tatek, Prime Minister
  • Kleemar the Gug of Afrogug, Deputy Prime Minister
Cenian Moderate Party 
  • Insit Inskra of Ber, President
  • Fernn Kensam of Cenaci, Vice President
  • Sern Aelar of Kitigarg, Prime Minister
  • Bob Kim of Masterro, Deputy Prime Minister
  • Jill Tuschelbausch of Michosplak, President
  • Andrew Lambert of Michosplak, Vice President
 Cenian Nationalist Party (Anti-Tucin Party)
  • Nikita Collensburn of Traynin, President
  • Andrew Chambers of Ghat, Vice President
Union of Concerned Mesa Verdeans
  • Pablo Diez of Mesa Verde, President
  • Ricardo Gonzalez of Mesa Verde, Vice President
  No other parties are running candidates.

Kartot Tarat Wins CCU Convention; Promises to Never Run Again

Am ailing Kartot Tarat of the Cenian Conservative Union has won the 1AC convention.With no major surprises headed his way, he won the balloting handily on the first round. In his acceptance speech, he promised to never run again for the job of President or Prime Minister. Tekian Representative Cara Crantat has secured the nod for President against HoloNet broadcaster Davet Laraud. With the help of Fransisco dos Santos' delegates, she squeaked a majority. Laraud came in second place. Tarat's pick as Deputy Prime Minister is Keermar the Gug, Representative of Afrogug. Crantat has chosen Laraud as Vice Presidential pick as tribute to his "tireless campaigning", but most attribute the pick to his less conservative nature to appeal to swing voters, especially in Afrogug. The party is really going for Afrogug, which is widely conservative. The Senator for that seat, Nora the Gug, defeated her opponent, Yuna the Gug, by appealing to more urban elements. But this year, they are pouring money into Afrogug to reclaim it.

08 November 2012

Shadow B'betsy Wins CSLP Convention; DPM Pick Confirmed

After a prolonged round of voting, Shadow B'betsy has won the 1AC Cenian Social Liberal Party Convention, held in swing sector capital As Lan. The convention was a big hit, with speakers ranging from nominees Shadow B'betsy and Kyn Tucin to popular governors such as Vaina Jereph. The keynote speaker,  Piaxi Inay, is the Senator from swing sector Sharsha Morana, which was widely regarded to vote conservative. She spoke about issues such as poverty and wealth redistribution, two issues which will help the CSLP gain ground against the ultraliberal DSP. Former King Coday Patess spoke on reasons why the nation should elect Kyn Tucin and Shadow B'betsy instead of DSP candidates. Shadow B'betsy also picked extremely popular As Lan Senator Klejos Royfer as her running mate, a move widely praised for winning over swing sectors and ultraliberal voters. On the first round of balloting, no one was the clear winner so the person with the least delegates, John Ceil, was eliminated. All of the other candidates then proceeded to throw their votes to Shadow B'betsy except for Lando Calpandian, Senator of Pandolo. Some errant delegates began to throw their support to Klejos Royfer, who squeaked by enough votes to put Shadow B'betsy over the top if he was to make a deal. And he did. In exchange for the Deputy Prime Minister spot, he would throw his delegates to her. She agreed, and so she won. The campaign begins with the nominating conventions of the other parties. Let the best candidate win! 

01 November 2012

Candy and Costume Industries Excited About Halloween

After a dismal season before Halloween, candy manufacturer Kindik and Company has reported an increase  in sales of its Kindik Chocolate Bars, Balmethea Mint Line, and its Sweet Tooth Candies. This Halloween, people are fighting to maintain prestige in their community and population growth has increased, says a study led by the University of Cenial. Costume sales have also increased, especially in the Morphsuit, Zentai, and Unico Coloro Sin Ver Los Ojos styles. Costume manufacturers and UCSVLO fans are looking forward to Sin Ver Los Ojos' annual Morphsuit festival soon. 

25 October 2012

Kyn Tucin's Birthday

Our leader has turned 44 today and will be hard at work writing the constitution and campaigning for President. Happy Birthday Kyn!  

16 October 2012

Cenian Taxes

Income Tax: $0-$5,500 0%; $5,501-$25,000 4%; $25,001-$49,500 18%; $49,501-$63,000 24%; $63,001-$100,000 27%; $100,001-$175,000 31%, $175,001-$224,500 36%, $224,501-$449,500 41%, $449,501 and over 45%
Corporate Tax: 1st quartile 28%, 2nd quartile 31%, 3rd quartile 35%, 4th quartile 41%
Small Business Tax: 1st quartile 23%, 2nd quartile 26%, 3rd quartile 29%, 4th quartile 32.5%
COARF (Cenian Old Age Retirement Fund) Contribution: 9.1% employee, 9.2% employer
CENIHEALTH Contribution: 5.7% employee, 5.8% employer
Capital Gains Tax: 27% if income tax lower than 30%; 41% if higher than 40%
Property Tax (Sector Avg): 1 penny per $100 in value; Property Tax (Planetary Avg): 1 penny per $110 in value
Inheritance/Gift Tax: 27% if  if income tax lower than 30%; 35% if higher than 30%
VAT: 15%; Avg Sector: 4%; Avg Planet: 3.7%
GST: 5.1%; Avg Sector: 4.2%; Avg Planet: 2.9%
Gasoline Tax: 5p/L
Fat Tax: 13p/g above reasonable limits
Calorie Tax: 1p/100 calories above reasonable limits
Alcohol Tax: $1.74/L
Tobacco Tax: $9.44/kg
Carbon Tax: $27.38/t
Tobin Tax: 3.9% of currency transactions
Transit Tax: $21 per entry
Security Tax: 0.5% of cost of ticket
Gambling Tax: $11 per entry, 0.7% of wins (taxable for income) 
  • Waterloo: 7% manufactured, 4% agricultural
  • Holy Land: 8% M, 5% A
  • TBE: 15%, 10%
  • Jacobia: 9%, 5%
  • Zebrika: 3%, 3%
  • Vampyrico: 12%, 9%
  • Scorpia: 21.7%, 21.4% 

08 October 2012

Arbitration Court Rules in Favor of Cenial Kickball Team

While going over the video footage of the Cenial Masters' first game, the Cenian Kickball League Arbitration Court has ruled in favor of the Cenial Masters in saying that referee Louise Batchabinga made an error when calling two runners out. The referee called a foul ball and made a runner go back to third plate, where he was called out. The court ruled that the ball was not a foul ball and so the referee's double out call was invalid. The court also ruled that the Masters had legally won the game 5-4 and would continue on to the next round, where they will face the Mesa Verde Greens. Batchabinga was quoted as saying about the ruling: "Well, sometimes people make mistakes, and I will abide by the ruling of the court." 

04 October 2012

Cenial Kickball Fans Mad About 'Stolen' Game

 Two runs in the first inning gave the Cenial Masters kickball team a 2-0 lead, but a four point scoring by the opponents the Rio Verde Kickers team had them in the lead. A third point for the Masters was scored in the last inning, leaving the score 4-3. In the last minutes of the game, however, referee Louise Batchabinga made a controversial call calling two runners about to score runs for the Masters out. Fans are raving about the 'stolen' game which they say rightfully belongs to the Masters. A Cenial Masters spokesperson said the team will appeal the verdict to the Cenian Kickball League Arbitration Court. 

22 September 2012

Cenian Soccer Season Starts; Cenial Senates Beaten in Upset

As the Cenial Senates' rode their first game to victory 2-0 against fierce rivals, the Michosplak City Aliens, their opponents in the second game of the Cenian Cup defeated them in an upset. The Senates lost 3-2 to new team the Mesa Verde Jugadores, lead by team captain Paul Noyola. Three goals by striker Sean Gonzales cemented their victory. A last-minute goal by the Senates' striker David Lonberry wasn't enough to break the lead. An early lead left the Senates hopeful, but bungling and a poor defense led the Jugadores to score.  Soccer analysts say at this pace, the Jugadores could win the Cenian Cup, the first for a new team. Cenial fans were left in tears again, even after losing out last year to the Aliens. "I hope that the Senates can go to the final round next year, " says supporter Carson Anemistiras. "They really need to improve their playing, though." Soccer is a popular sport in Mesa Verde and it was no trouble cobbling up a team in Ceni's newest acquisition. In the second round, the Nananian Inundiats defeated the Lonar Starships 5-0 and the powerful team the Katinal Podosfairos defeated the Pandolo Pangolins in a close game 2-1. Pandolo fans knew their defeat was coming, although the second-placers from last year's cup were hopeful. 

10 September 2012

Naval Chain of Command

Fleet Command (Supreme Commander) 30 sector fleets, 9 admiralty fleets
   Fleet (Fleet Admiral) 5-10 battlegroups
       Battlegroup (Admiral) 3-7 task groups
           Task Force (Vice Admiral) 25 patrols
                Patrol (Commodore/Rear Admiral) 5 lines
                   Line (Commodore) 18 ships
                       Ship (Captain)

03 September 2012

Wadi Themanayah Falls

After a long but not hard battle, the planet of Wadi Thamaneyah has fallen to Cenian forces. The announcement by Minister of Defense Orric Thobar, comes after a string of Cenian victories in what has been called the Flannium War, although its official name is the Certiorari War. The strategic Hellesburg Valley was the site of the land battle, where the Cenian troops totally routed the Therrions. The Hellesburg Valley is bordered by the Hebante Mountains on one side and the      Hellesburg Heights on the other. The city of Hellesburg is in the middle, located on a bridge and caravan stop on the Hellesburg River. Cenian troops first swooped in and captured the city of Fiarel, on a bend in the Hebante River., in a pincer movement. The Cenians marched out with 100,000 troops from their camp. One flank of Fiarel was surrounded by the 15th Corps, while the 14th Corps surrounded the other flank. The Fiarel garrison surrendered. Meanwhile, part of the 12th Corps attacked the village of Hebante, a critical communications station. The 12th Corps is known for its guerilla warfare, and it hid in the mountains and sniped at the communications exchanged, sniping at convoys and then disappearing into the mountains.  At Fiarel, the Cenian troops moved to cut off communications lines to Fort Aconite and the main city of Hellesburg. The Fort Aconite garrison did not knew what hit them . A lightning quick raid captured the fort and provided a spot for the Cenians’ heavy guns. The guns were soon pointed at Hellesburg, but the Hellesburgites did not know because communications were not available. Soon, the 11th Corps under Lt. Colonel Irren Conn harassed the villages of Trianid and took guns and loot. Lt. Col. Conn’s raids got the attention of the garrison, however, and they sent 3 corps against him.  While the garrison was not on alert, the Cenians snuck up and destroyed the Hellesburg Memorial Bridge with dynamite. To add insult to injury, the Cenian let the capture of Fort Aconite be published. The Therrions sent 3/4 of their forces to capture the fort. Making their move, the Cenians captured the city of Hellesburg, cementing their control of the planet of Wadi Thamaneyah. The planets Certiorari and Cebu are known for their flannium deposits– and for their native species, the Certians, notorious dislike of their rulers, the Empire of Flannium. So when the two planets asked to join Ceni, Ceni agreed to their requests, but one obstacle stood in their way: the obstinate and greedy ruler of Therrion, Nathen Ghyron, who claims “sovereign dominance” over the two planets. Ceni attempted to appease Ghyron with a referendum, but after the results showed 92% in favor of joining Ceni, Ghyron refused to recognize the results of the referendum and invoked a clause in his constitution, saying that if “a planet votes to secede, the ruler of Therrion must declare war on them and on the country they secede to.” In the Cenian Senate, the response was quick and brief. After Kyn Tucin made a speech denouncing the “autocratic despot of Therrion”, the Senate voted 172-0 in favor of declaring war on Therrion to “preserve the right of planets to secede from autocratic rulers” and protect the galaxy against aggression. 

22 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Cenian Sector!

Today (or, rather, yesterday) was Cenian Sector's birthday. Cenian Sector was founded on August 21, 2010. In 2 years, Cenian Sector has clocked 5,145 pageviews and survived conflicts with Waterloo, staying a reliable news source for Ceni for that long. We reported the news, gave you the opinion, and fought back against oppressors and crackdowns on the free press. When I started this blog, all 100% of the pageviews were from the United States. Today, it is only 71.6%. I remember my first foreign pageview, from South Africa. It was exciting. Well, that's all for now, and I hope Cenian Sector will last for ages to come.

14 August 2012

Cenian Map

1. Lergomina Route
2. Ingayo Route
3. Cenian Trade Route
4.Southwestern Run
5.Fentlaraar Run
6.Lergomina Trade Route
8.Lower Trade Route
9.Tatek Trade Spine
10.Rap Trading Spine
11.Nexhtar-Kitigarg Trade Route
12.Uki Trade Route
13.Homeworlds Route

Cenian Wiki

The new Cenian Wiki, www.ceni.wikia.com, is new and improved over the old Cenian Wiki, www.ceniansector.wikia.com. The new one has a new and improved article about Ceni, so come on over! Even though it is still under construction, it will continue to be the best source of Cenian information! 

13 August 2012

Sector Growth Rates

Rio de Aonyx #DIV/0!
Mescalero Verde #DIV/0!
Mesa Verde #DIV/0!
Rio Verde #DIV/0!
Sin Ver Los Ojos #DIV/0!
Mongalia #DIV/0!
Compute IRS 936.8%
Mantele 867.2%
Yeleub  620.1%
Lonar  497.5%
Grand Fentlaraar 493.5%
Sparkia  479.9%
Sentiner  473.2%
Gratias Ago 467.3%
Etaronk  418.0%
Salve 393.8%
Luk VII 392.0%
Skywalker  390.4%
As Lan 384.3%
Tioli 374.1%
Navi   311.4%
Loja 304.2%
Tarantul Major 300.4%
Vaena 282.0%
Cebneye 267.1%
Deversorium 245.1%
Manus 238.9%
Dentiliquor 233.8%
Duolon 223.7%
Outer Thenipar 214.0%
Cunha   212.6%
Valparaiso 212.2%
Calcei 211.9%
Fentlaraar  203.8%
Tatek  199.7%
Kronkarea 194.6%
Scypha 193.5%
Squee  185.9%
Fulvus 172.2%
Acta Diurna 166.7%
Paras-Kevee  162.1%
Madia's Cauldron 157.8%
Grusgy 155.5%
Kokand 155.4%
Ordnrd V 155.3%
New Cenaci  154.9%
Crus 153.4%
Pes 150.2%
Carota 149.2%
En'bak 148.2%
Seorilon 147.4%
Bitta 133.9%
Krtr 130.3%
Bene 124.8%
Pandolo   123.2%
Kinasia 119.3%
Ingayo  118.5%
Cerxecan 115.8%
Upper Throneworlds  113.3%
Sauretik  112.2%
Rikawe 111.9%
Plaro 110.5%
Pikadora 110.4%
Bearia 108.1%
Caseus 105.5%
Baal 104.2%
Hrrar Plo  102.8%
Rabaul 100.8%
Ille 100.4%
Lotupe 98.8%
Taroo  97.6%
Lillip   97.2%
Tobrun  96.1%
Ber  96.0%
Sulrutuk 95.6%
Sartakak   94.3%
Pap 93.2%
Taklimakan 92.5%
Xaderya 91.9%
Ursycon 90.9%
Utorcaea 90.9%
Kroyale 90.8%
Uvae 90.6%
Kruese 90.4%
Suollak 90.3%
Uki   86.3%
Sharsha Morana  85.9%
Rap  85.1%
New Nabnatah 84.3%
Zmit V 81.3%
Charmander 78.7%
Begl   78.0%
Neoterra  74.7%
Tereasi  70.8%
Callao 70.3%
Zangalewa  68.9%
Sumiso Jima 65.8%
Bantan   64.6%
Nanania  63.5%
Narinomats   62.8%
Criter 62.0%
Tar Ania 61.1%
Krysteel 58.6%
Moyok 58.4%
Yapatu   53.4%
Verethragna   53.1%
Serenat  52.9%
Nexthar  52.3%
Hoakgox   51.5%
Upper Thenipar 50.0%
Dep 15 47.5%
Scorpia IRS 46.1%
Vayu   44.1%
Aurea Simia 41.0%
Sotresso  37.8%
Pyrhhia 36.8%
New Coitri 34.0%
Aerio  32.1%
Cenac  31.9%
Tucinia 31.8%
Rawalpindi 30.4%
Cenaci  29.6%
Aurea Simia Nebula  29.4%
Arna'did  29.2%
New Ceni 28.4%
Kinzia  28.3%
Oheria 27.0%
Gastro  26.6%
Orne  26.3%
Fitraln 26.1%
Bandarbeyla 25.3%
Uirea  22.7%
Coitri 22.3%
Elephanthia 21.6%
Lower Throneworlds  21.4%
T'kr'tonga  20.6%
Pisee I 19.8%
Ayalice  19.4%
Baqen 19.3%
Afrogug 18.8%
Boydnyr Pass  17.2%
Kitigarg 16.4%
Norupe  16.0%
Kluk 15.2%
Katinal  15.1%
Rurbes Ito 14.8%
Skulblaka   13.9%
Popatrok  12.7%
Michosplak  12.6%
Mon 12.0%
Shigon  11.0%
Khanty-Mansiysk 10.9%
Outer Bearia 10.5%
Klero  7.0%
Chirdayo 7.0%
Actria 6.8%
Mastero  6.7%
Nina  5.6%
Teseress 5.0%
Praristna  4.1%
Gil-Al 3.8%
Trakheim   3.6%
Ralralulo 3.5%
Fax 3.3%
Anahita   3.0%
Tarphosion 1.6%
Miros 1.0%
Jalada 0.0%
Cochabamba -0.1%
Marias Pass -4.6%
Skenee -5.1%
Sam'ina'min -6.6%
Madia  -10.3%
Kikimora  -13.3%
Ellesmera  -15.5%
Zardologi -20.9%
Treon -29.0%
Shirta -47.6%
Jurgencarmeitdor   -51.9%
Thenipar -57.8%
Total 89.8%

Ceni's Demands of the Grand Universal Republic of Waterloo

These are the demands from the Department of Foreign Affairs in response to the demands of the Holy Grand Universal Republic of Waterloo. 

  1.  Let the Waterlooian planets that joined Ceni vote on whether they would like to join Ceni, the Grand Universal Republic of Waterloo, or a new state to be titled the Waterloo People's Republic.
  2. Let the Waterlooian planets still not conquered or recently conquered vote on whether they would like to join Ceni, the Grand Universal Republic of Waterloo, or the Waterloo People's Republic.
  3.  Join the Confederacy of Independent Nations and the Association of Planets
  4.  Agree to respect human rights and civil liberties.
  5.  Agree to hold new free and fair elections within 6 months.
  6. Agree to write a constitution that allows for minority representation and greater roles for the poor and limits the aristocracy.
  7. Submit to Cenian review of elections and the constitution. 
  8. Agree to a Cenian-Waterloo Tariff Agreement. 
  9. Agree to prosecute officials of the former monarchy fairly and freely, with a speedy, public trial, and the punishments to be fair and not cruel or unusual. 
  10. Recognize Ceni.
  11. Recognize Cenian sovereignty over the protectorates of Loja and Jalada. 

12 August 2012

Delegates to the CCU Convention

Acta Diurna 26.00
Actria 17.00
Aerio  50.00
Afrogug 25.00
Anahita   17.00
Arna'did  73.00
As Lan 18.00
Aurea Simia 96.00
Aurea Simia Nebula  14.00
Ayalice  10.00
Baal 53.00
Bandarbeyla 21.00
Bantan   54.00
Baqen 19.00
Bearia 26.00
Begl   60.00
Bene 11.00
Ber  68.00
Bitta 11.00
Boydnyr Pass  55.00
Calcei 15.00
Callao 56.00
Carota 17.00
Caseus 21.00
Cebneye 13.00
Cenac  16.00
Cenaci  176.00
Charmander 38.00
Chirdayo 19.00
Cocahabamba 30.00
Coitri 57.00
Compute IRS 142.00
Criter 30.00
Crus 12.00
Cunha   17.00
Dentiliquor 16.00
Dep 15 53.00
Deversorium 11.00
Duolon 14.00
Elephanthia 99.00
Ellesmera  60.00
En'bak 34.00
Etaronk  26.00
Fax 7.00
Fentlaraar  53.00
Fitraln 13.00
Fulvus 17.00
Gastro  14.00
Gil-Al 32.00
Grand Fentlaraar 39.00
Gratias Ago 27.00
Grusgy 19.00
Hoakgox   98.00
Hrrar Plo  62.00
Ille 29.00
Ingayo  83.00
Jalada 11.00
Jurgencarmeitdor   10.00
Katinal  110.00
Khanty-Mansiysk 15.00
Kikimora  14.00
Kinzia  18.00
Kitigarg 32.00
Klero  54.00
Kluk 37.00
Kokand 20.00
Kronkarea 31.00
Kroyale 33.00
Krtr 52.00
Kruese 8.00
Krysteel 25.00
Lillip   14.00
Lonar  24.00
Lotupe 12.00
Lower Throneworlds  130.00
Luk VII 64.00
Madia  33.00
Madia's Cauldron 10.00
Mantele 13.00
Manus 10.00
Marias Pass 24.00
Mastero  19.00
Michosplak  94.00
Military 122.00
Miros 15.00
Mon 16.00
Moyok 34.00
Nanania  45.00
Narinomats   52.00
Navi   14.00
Neoterra  30.00
New Cenaci  66.00
New Ceni 51.00
New Coitri 7.00
New Nabnatah 5.00
Nexthar  95.00
Nina  15.00
Norupe  52.00
Oheria 38.00
Ordnrd V 70.00
Orne  42.00
Outer Bearia 23.00
Outer Thenipar 14.00
Overseas 27.00
Pandolo   46.00
Pap 23.00
Paras-Kevee  78.00
Pes 20.00
Pikadora 17.00
Pisee I 22.00
Plaro 15.00
Popatrok  22.00
Praristna  75.00
Protectorate of Loja 18.00
Pyrhhia 19.00
Rabaul 16.00
Ralralulo 54.00
Rap  38.00
Rikawe 8.00
Rurbes Ito 37.00
Salve 17.00
Sam'ina'min 19.00
Sartakak   59.00
Sauretik  49.00
Scorpia IRS 172.00
Scypha 15.00
Sentiner  63.00
Seorilon 29.00
Serenat  34.00
Sharsha Morana  11.00
Shigon  23.00
Shirta 20.00
Skenee 31.00
Skulblaka   11.00
Skywalker  27.00
Sotresso  96.00
Sparkia  43.00
Squee  56.00
Sulrutuk 31.00
Sumiso Jima 21.00
Suollak 21.00
Taklimakan 15.00
Tar Ania 44.00
Tarantul Major 27.00
Taroo  18.00
Tarphosion 53.00
Tatek  89.00
Tereasi  11.00
Teseress 29.00
Thenipar 22.00
Tioli 51.00
T'kr'tonga  45.00
Tobrun  38.00
Trakheim   8.00
Treon 13.00
Tucinia 23.00
Uirea  40.00
Uki   39.00
Upper Thenipar 26.00
Upper Throneworlds  52.00
Ursycon 26.00
Utorcaea 26.00
Uvae 26.00
Vaena 17.00
Valparaiso 22.00
Vayu   12.00
Verethragna   12.00
Xaderya 22.00
Yapatu   14.00
Yeleub  35.00
Zangalewa  26.00
Zardologi 19.00
Zmit V 34.00

Note: These numbers were calculated before population changes and the new constitution. Therefore, they will need to be amended to account for changes in the population and governing structure.

Superdelegates to the CSLP Convention

Senate Members 87.00
Party Leaders 28.00
Liberal Council Members 917.00
Chancellor 1.00
Retired Figures 258.00
Other Famous Liberals 36.00
Constitution Signers 35.00
Total Superdelegates 1362.00

Delegates to the CSLP Convention

Acta Diurna 51.00
Actria 22.00
Aerio  90.00
Afrogug 44.00
Anahita   22.00
Arna'did  33.00
As Lan 37.00
Aurea Simia 136.00
Aurea Simia Nebula  35.00
Ayalice  20.00
Baal 13.00
Bandarbeyla 29.00
Bantan   14.00
Baqen 19.00
Bearia 31.00
Begl   20.00
Bene 16.00
Ber  108.00
Bitta 16.00
Boydnyr Pass  86.00
Calcei 20.00
Callao 81.00
Carota 26.00
Caseus 26.00
Cebneye 43.00
Cenac  36.00
Cenaci  216.00
Charmander 77.00
Chirdayo 29.00
Cocahabamba 40.00
Coitri 82.00
Compute IRS 102.00
Criter 53.00
Crus 17.00
Cunha   44.00
Dentiliquor 21.00
Dep 15 16.00
Deversorium 16.00
Duolon 14.00
Elephanthia 104.00
Ellesmera  20.00
En'bak 74.00
Etaronk  31.00
Fax 12.00
Fentlaraar  90.00
Fitraln 28.00
Fulvus 22.00
Gastro  19.00
Gil-Al 56.00
Grand Fentlaraar 64.00
Gratias Ago 32.00
Grusgy 34.00
Hoakgox   58.00
Hrrar Plo  92.00
Ille 69.00
Ingayo  47.00
Jurgencarmeitdor   10.00
Katinal  150.00
Khanty-Mansiysk 25.00
Kikimora  24.00
Kinzia  58.00
Kitigarg 52.00
Klero  94.00
Kluk 42.00
Kokand 40.00
Kronkarea 51.00
Kroyale 43.00
Krtr 12.00
Kruese 28.00
Krysteel 30.00
Lillip   19.00
Lonar  64.00
Lotupe 17.00
Lower Throneworlds  170.00
Luk VII 24.00
Madia  53.00
Madia's Cauldron 15.00
Mantele 18.00
Manus 15.00
Marias Pass 29.00
Mastero  49.00
Michosplak  134.00
Miros 55.00
Mon 26.00
Moyok 65.00
Nanania  80.00
Narinomats   89.00
Navi   29.00
Neoterra  69.00
New Cenaci  106.00
New Ceni 91.00
New Coitri 24.00
New Nabnatah 10.00
Nexthar  55.00
Nina  23.00
Norupe  27.00
Oheria 38.00
Ordnrd V 110.00
Orne  82.00
Outer Bearia 28.00
Outer Thenipar 14.00
Pandolo   86.00
Pap 28.00
Paras-Kevee  38.00
Pes 25.00
Pikadora 47.00
Pisee I 30.00
Plaro 55.00
Popatrok  61.00
Praristna  60.00
Protectorate of Loja 58.00
Pyrhhia 33.00
Rabaul 16.00
Ralralulo 14.00
Rap  58.00
Rikawe 18.00
Rurbes Ito 77.00
Salve 22.00
Sam'ina'min 29.00
Sartakak   99.00
Sauretik  89.00
Scorpia IRS 177.00
Scypha 20.00
Sentiner  23.00
Seorilon 44.00
Serenat  69.00
Sharsha Morana  34.00
Shigon  38.00
Shirta 40.00
Skenee 55.00
Skulblaka   31.00
Skywalker  47.00
Sotresso  56.00
Sparkia  78.00
Squee  96.00
Sulrutuk 46.00
Sumiso Jima 36.00
Suollak 61.00
Taklimakan 25.00
Tar Ania 84.00
Tarantul Major 67.00
Taroo  58.00
Tarphosion 13.00
Tatek  49.00
Tereasi  26.00
Teseress 34.00
Thenipar 22.00
Tioli 11.00
T'kr'tonga  83.00
Tobrun  78.00
Trakheim   43.00
Treon 18.00
Tucinia 53.00
Uirea  55.00
Uki   79.00
Upper Thenipar 26.00
Upper Throneworlds  92.00
Ursycon 46.00
Utorcaea 46.00
Uvae 56.00
Vaena 22.00
Valparaiso 37.00
Vayu   17.00
Verethragna   17.00
Xaderya 52.00
Yapatu   29.00
Yeleub  75.00
Zangalewa  66.00
Zardologi 24.00
Zmit V 34.00
Jalada 46.00
Military 120.00
Overseas 42.00

Note: These numbers were calculated before population changes and the new constitution. Therefore, they will need to be amended to account for changes in the population and governing structure.